Common Workplace Problems

Every now and then, we will encounter problems that arise due to unforeseen (or usually expected but not given much thought) events that conceive to bigger problems, when earlier, can be solved without breaking a sweat at all. Here are series of questions to easily identify a foreseeable problem even before it becomes a headache for anybody.

And yes, as an employee even if you don’t have any position to supervise, it is indeed your responsibility to take action or at least inform your trustworthy higher-up about these (if any are present).

*these ideas aren’t all originally mine and most are sure to be seen anywhere, but these words specifically the quotations are my own thoughts.

1.       Process Problem

How do things work around the company? Is it manual or fully automated? How much time does it take for an employee to do the process (filing, requesting, making calls, getting from one place to another, etc.?)

“Money is a given commodity that can be saved, invested, and spent. But not time and effort – every second and every sweat counts for both the company and the employee.”

2.       Skills Problem

Are the people on their respective positions know how to maximize the tools they’ve been provided for by the company (computers, equipment, etc.)? What are the required technical skills a position need for that position to be efficient? Can the employees be trained in the technical aspects of their field?

“In a month, a farmer can farm with only his hands. But with the right tools and knowledge on how to use those tools, a farmer can farm in only a day.” ~ Time & Effort investment

3.       Manpower Problem

Are there too many workloads for the employee to be doing in an efficient way? Could another hand aid for the said employee? Or could a technological advancement actually be a cheaper solution (power machines for manual labor instead of 3-4 people moving a load, biometrics for attendance checking instead of the guard doing it, etc.)?

“No matter how dauntingly great a person is, he’ll always find a helping hand, helpful.”

4.       Motivational Problem

Can the employer give inspirational speeches to their subordinate? Can the employees actually be motivated? Do the unmotivated personnel have personal or financial reasons? If so, would it be actually be a good investment on them or just a temporary personnel saver?

“A good worker can be motivated. A great worker motivates himself.”


Employee Ideals for Working

These are my simple insights on how and an employee can be really an, employee.

1.       An employee is expected to work for the company as just.

No raise nor promotion should be given if to you if you are not able to do more than your expected workload (doing more could account for sharing ideas in making work faster, more productive and as much as possible, proofread – a problem solver and an implementer)

“One is hired to do a good job. One is promoted in doing more, more than his good job.”

“If a process isn’t broken, one can still make it better until it’s broken – only then one fixes it.”

2.       An employee is unflinching – always gets his shit together.

No matter what happens in the company, even if you’re reprimanded or scolded to the unimaginable extent, you should keep your whines intact, stay calm and focused on work, in order to stay professional. Whenever you go home, you forget all the negativities, learn what you can in that day, and improve yourself tomorrow.

“A job is a job – nobody’s reputation doesn’t get tarnished for bad work; but it does for having bad attitude towards your work.”

3.       An employee required to push not only himself to the limit, but to push their employer to their limits.

Even if the employee works hard, the company doesn’t grow if the employer does not give the same effort. It is the employee’s role to also inspire the employer to keep on pushing further, thus advancing both the employee and the employer’s career.

“A great leader inspires people not only to push themselves to the limit, but to push him further when he stops pushing himself.”

Exclusive Online

Exclusive Online is a non-existing website (as of yet) which aims to cater to high-class society who’d want nothing more but to collect and get things that maybe elusive and have exclusive status. All logos, icons (except for ones well-known published) and copies are mine.

*images of items here are credited to different sites therefore having no ownership from me.

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Fivin’ Tiger

Fivin' Tiger Final_868x1228


My digital painting of a tiger giving a high (or low) five using several brushes specializing in furs and a little bit grunge as textures. Photo reference can be seen at the end.

Fivin' Tiger 1_868x1228Fivin' Tiger 2_868x1228Fivin' Tiger 3_868x1228

This is the original photo courtesy of Alan Aladin’s Google page:


The tiger here looked fierce and scary, therefore I really wanted to make it friendlier in my painting – making it look like it’s giving you a friendly high-five.

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