Rockin’ Marceline

Rockin' Marceline [Full Editing]_1240x1754

My “still maturing” attempt in Digital Painting featuring Marceline from Adventure Time.

Rockin' Marceline [Other Hairstyle]_1240x1754Rockin' Marceline [Half FInished]_1240x1754

Rockin' Marceline [Rough Sketch]_1240x1754


Mobile Concept: Ditto – Your Mobile Assimilator

Introducing Ditto, another of my entry for my envisioned mobile concept. This time though, its more of a visual aid rather than a smart phone.

*this is just the initial conceptDitto - Mobile Assimilator [FRONT]_1575x1228

Ditto - Mobile Assimilator  [BEHIND]_1575x1228
Ditto’s view from behind
Ditto - Mobile Assimilator [HORIZONTAL]_1365x892
Ditto in landscape


Ditto - 2 Point Perspective_1575x1228
Ditto’s angle

My bad for including the introductory within the images, therefore let me restate them as captions.

Ditto - Intro 1-1_1365x892
Have you ever wondered how convenient it would be when you can identify anything, snapshot anything, learn anything, share anything, and keep anything. In a size of a card?

Ditto - Intro 1-2_1365x892

Ditto - Intro 2_1365x892
This device can. Scan anything that can fit unto its screen.
Ditto - Intro 3_1365x892
And record it. So it can…
Ditto - Intro 4_892x1365
be searched, shared or archived.

Ditto - Intro 5_892x1365 Ditto - Intro 6_892x1365 Ditto - Intro 7_892x1365

This one concept is just for fun – to unlock it you have to scan something you used to lock it (e.g. smile, eyes, not-only-body-parts, stuff, private stuff – you get the point and the endless possibilities of anything creepy and obscene).

Ditto - Lock Screen 1_892x1365 Ditto - Lock Screen 2_892x1365 Ditto - Lock Screen 3_892x1365

And to scale its actual size –

Ditto - Scaling[HORIZONTAL]_1155x892

Thank you and enjoy imagining what you can do with this and every other possibility you can add for furthering this concept.

Pug’n Paint


My 1st digital painting in speed…or speed painting – which I actually finished in roughly 4 hours so it wasn’t anything near speedy at all. I’ve got a lot to improve as of now and will explore more brushes and techniques into honing my own style.

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Mobile Concept: Impact – Elegance in Grayscale

My first concept of a tablet – which, I’ll admit now, is void of colors except monochromatic grayscale. So just sit back and enjoy the elegance of grayscale.

*note: not to scale. Ok you can, since the foremost image portrays its scale.

Impact - Hand Size

Impact - Front Face Page

Impact - in Perspective and Grid front

Impact - in Perspective and Grid backImpact - in Perspective and Grid

Impact - Fingerprint on Screen Analysis

I really like Limbo, which I hope comes out as a pre/sequel for a mobile.

Impact - Typeface

Ironically, although I’ve based the moniker of my mobile to the font, Impact – I just found no elegance in it, thereby changing the font I used for it while retaining the name. Now it has both the heavy-sounding name while retaining its elegance.

In the end, its a misnomer, with style.

Impact - 2-Point Perspective

Thank you! And I hope you don’t lose your love for grayscale.

Self Branding: PKmiguel

A (finally) freshly made self-branding studies after my own moniker due to inspiration. I really do plan on making this my formal branding though I may have to revise it soon as I continue to explore my own creativity, creativity itself and its endlessness.

PKmiguel LOGO study

PKmiguel Color Palette Study

PKmiguel Business Card - CopyPKmiguel Business Card

2 styles of PKmiguel LOGO sample Paperbag LOGO sample

PKmiguel Pen Collateral - CopyPKmiguel Pen Collateral

I focused on making it simple and clean. And I want to make more collaterals for my creative brand. Hope you enjoyed!

Product Parody: Scabbard Briefs

Scabbard Briefs Logo and Tagline

Spoiler alert: no real sample product is made as of yet

This product concept originated during my college years in which we were tasked to think of a product, give it unique characteristics which will help it compete in its market niche, and make a brand along with a tagline out of it.

At that time, I was only thinking of weird (ok, insanely crazy) products that might probably exist on our market by 2020 – which of course, me and my classmates made fun of such as…ok I honestly forgot about those things. Anyway. I heard a thud followed by a piercing scream of a man who I thought got hit in his balls. Indeed there was a huge guy hit on his balls and was kneeling agonizingly. That’s when I thought, when did briefs got some almighty blessing that made it actually unique aside from adding sex appeal or becoming diaper-like protection for grown men’s manhood?

Now what I thought of was a brief that could provide great protection for your balls (ok, by this time,I know this sounds unprofessional, but I’d rather call balls by its layman’s term – balls, rather than its scientific term). So I got into thinking the similarities between the manhood and the sword; the brief and the sheath. The resulting brand name was this: Scabbard – sounds quite intimidating and satisfyingly bad-ass.

The tagline, as I thought of, made it similar the tone of Pony’s “Let’s Get It On!” tagline – in which as if the tagline’s directly talking to the target market, the men.

Love The Kids

Love The Kids.

I love designing especially when babies/children are my clients – well actually, their parents are. There are charms among what you do when you do it for them. I’m not yet a parent but I understand that’s how most parents feel – inspired.

Love The Kids

Spoiler though: my works aren’t ads, just simple invitation, banners, and stuff.

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