Designs for FOTON


Wall Backing Display for Parts & Accessories Booth

A 12m x 5m wall backing made of Sintra board used during a huge event of the company.


Proposed Marketing Collaterals

Set of marketing collaterals made in different types of plastics and boards to be displayed either indoors or outdoors for the promotion of the company products.


Standard Mall Display for Vehicle

Standardized layout plan for the promotion of an indoor mall exhibit.


Heavy Machineries Ingress Layout Plan

A 6m x 2m perspective mapping of the Heavy Machineries exhibit for a indoor event.


Electric Jeepney Design Concepts

Proposed designs for the company’s new electric jeepney.


Company Jackets

Proposed designs for official use of executives of the company whenever they need to go abroad.


Cladding Plan for Branch

Fully calculated plan of the logo cladding of the company for one of its branches.


Billboards Display

A 3 part tarpaulin billboard display of the company for one of its branches as teaser.


Company Nationwide Branches Mapping

A 5m x 4m tarpaulin map of the branch network of the company. Each branch right on spot in its place nationwide.



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