Undergrad Works


Pointilism of Song Hye Kyo

Simple artwork using the pointilism method in order to produce a portrait of Song Hye Kyo.

Painstakingly penned through days in order to recreate her face.


Perspective of Milk Packaging

A poster painted milk packaging portraying its 3 different views in perspective: 1-point, 2-point, and 3-point.

Poster painted packaging of a milk product
*milk brand does not have copyright to be owned


Human Anatomy Draft

A 3 layered draft of the human anatomy systems: skeletal, muscular, and skin. Used onion papers to see clearly the stacking of the layers.

Used hard pencils upon an illustration board and stacks of onion paper to produce the tri-system draft of a human body.



Filipino Indigenous Design

A 15″x20″ canvass patterned with mirror quadrants in order to produce the Yakan weaving. Each quadrant contains 16mm of columns and rows to recreate the effect of actual weave.

Used poster paint and millimeters in order to produce the similar weaving effect on a cloth used by the Yakan group.



Charcoal Portraits

Soft and hard charcoals were used with much smudging of the hands.



Hard pencils were used and some cracked imagination
(without the crack drugs of course).



Study of K

An undergrad study of the letter “k” through the use of quadrants, slicing the letter to four parts and rearranging to make a unique design pattern.

Pen and poster paints were used along with a noble font-family (pun intended).



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