Employee Ideals for Working

These are my simple insights on how and an employee can be really an, employee.

1.       An employee is expected to work for the company as just.

No raise nor promotion should be given if to you if you are not able to do more than your expected workload (doing more could account for sharing ideas in making work faster, more productive and as much as possible, proofread – a problem solver and an implementer)

“One is hired to do a good job. One is promoted in doing more, more than his good job.”

“If a process isn’t broken, one can still make it better until it’s broken – only then one fixes it.”


2.       An employee is unflinching – always gets his shit together.

No matter what happens in the company, even if you’re reprimanded or scolded to the unimaginable extent, you should keep your whines intact, stay calm and focused on work, in order to stay professional. Whenever you go home, you forget all the negativities, learn what you can in that day, and improve yourself tomorrow.

“A job is a job – nobody’s reputation doesn’t get tarnished for bad work; but it does for having bad attitude towards your work.”


3.       An employee required to push not only himself to the limit, but to push their employer to their limits.

Even if the employee works hard, the company doesn’t grow if the employer does not give the same effort. It is the employee’s role to also inspire the employer to keep on pushing further, thus advancing both the employee and the employer’s career.

“A great leader inspires people not only to push themselves to the limit, but to push him further when he stops pushing himself.”


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