Mobile Concept: Ditto – Your Mobile Assimilator

Introducing Ditto, another of my entry for my envisioned mobile concept. This time though, its more of a visual aid rather than a smart phone.

*this is just the initial conceptDitto - Mobile Assimilator [FRONT]_1575x1228

Ditto - Mobile Assimilator  [BEHIND]_1575x1228

Ditto’s view from behind

Ditto - Mobile Assimilator [HORIZONTAL]_1365x892

Ditto in landscape


Ditto - 2 Point Perspective_1575x1228

Ditto’s angle

My bad for including the introductory within the images, therefore let me restate them as captions.

Ditto - Intro 1-1_1365x892

Have you ever wondered how convenient it would be when you can identify anything, snapshot anything, learn anything, share anything, and keep anything. In a size of a card?

Ditto - Intro 1-2_1365x892

Ditto - Intro 2_1365x892

This device can. Scan anything that can fit unto its screen.

Ditto - Intro 3_1365x892

And record it. So it can…

Ditto - Intro 4_892x1365

be searched, shared or archived.

Ditto - Intro 5_892x1365 Ditto - Intro 6_892x1365 Ditto - Intro 7_892x1365

This one concept is just for fun – to unlock it you have to scan something you used to lock it (e.g. smile, eyes, not-only-body-parts, stuff, private stuff – you get the point and the endless possibilities of anything creepy and obscene).

Ditto - Lock Screen 1_892x1365 Ditto - Lock Screen 2_892x1365 Ditto - Lock Screen 3_892x1365

And to scale its actual size –

Ditto - Scaling[HORIZONTAL]_1155x892

Thank you and enjoy imagining what you can do with this and every other possibility you can add for furthering this concept.


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