Reflecting Within a Tiled Reflection


Anyway, I guess you’d be wondering: “Of all the places, why comfort room?”

The answer would be up to you I guess. Whenever you’re taking a bath or defecating, don’t you think during those idle moments? I mean, I’m sure your body knows and moves almost automatically. So doesn’t your thoughts just…wander?

I do. I wonder.

The comfort room is the most private room in every house, every building (ok, excluding the public comfort rooms) – in which nobody goes in while you’re in it. It is where your deepest thoughts can be reflected…perhaps it has something to do with the shiny things within it? The reflection of the tiles? The water itself? Now reflection becomes a key word.

You see yourself. You see how you move. You see what you want to fix in you. You see what you’ve become. You see what you shouldn’t see (scary or obscene depending on what you thought of at this very moment you read this). Most importantly, you see what you think.

Do you? For being a very visual person, I do.

I see plans, I see designs, I see layouts, I see everything. I don’t see the future but I do see the future that I want.

Therefore, time to go back to the comfort room, plan ahead, reflect, and visualize. Creativity.


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