Underwear Parody Concept: Scabbard Briefs

Scabbard Briefs Logo and Tagline

Spoiler alert: no real sample product is made as of yet

This product concept originated during my college years in which we were tasked to think of a product, give it unique characteristics which will help it compete in its market niche, and make a brand along with a tagline out of it.

At that time, I was only thinking of weird (ok, insanely crazy) products that might probably exist on our market by 2020 – which of course, me and my classmates made fun of such as…ok I honestly forgot about those things. Anyway. I heard a thud followed by a piercing scream of a man who I thought got hit in his balls. Indeed there was a huge guy hit on his balls and was kneeling agonizingly. That’s when I thought, when did briefs got some almighty blessing that made it actually unique aside from adding sex appeal or becoming diaper-like protection for grown men’s manhood?

Now what I thought of was a brief that could provide great protection for your balls (ok, by this time,I know this sounds unprofessional, but I’d rather call balls by its layman’s term – balls, rather than its scientific term). So I got into thinking the similarities between the manhood and the sword; the brief and the sheath. The resulting brand name was this: Scabbard – sounds quite intimidating and satisfyingly bad-ass.

The tagline, as I thought of, made it similar the tone of Pony’s “Let’s Get It On!” tagline – in which as if the tagline’s directly talking to the target market, the men.


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